Business Systemisation 101

The "Business Systemisation 101" course, brought to you by Stefaan De Vreese, is designed to empower you with the strategies and tools necessary for enhancing team efficiency and productivity through streamlined business processes. Learn how to leverage centralised platforms like Notion for effective data organisation and dashboard creation, and Google Drive for robust file storage, ensuring seamless integration across your operational toolkit. We'll guide you through automating processes up to the pre-onboarding phase of your customer journey, transforming automation from a mere concept into a core component of your business strategy. Join us to master the art of creating a unified, efficient business system.

  • Harnessing the power of centralised platforms for information access can supercharge your team's efficiency and productivity.
  • Notion, recommended as an ideal tool for crafting dashboards and organising data, helps you wield the full force of your business information.
  • Automation is not just a concept, it's your battle strategy to streamline processes up to the pre-onboarding phase of your customer journey.
  • Google Drive, your central fortress for file storage, bolsters your operation when integrated seamlessly with other tools.
  • Disconnected software? We stare them down and advocate for a unified overview in Notion, enabling smooth navigation and inter-tool connections.
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